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North Shore Unitarian Church is pleased to announce North Shore Authors Showcase 2023, our fourth year (wow!) offering monthly Zoom online programs (10 each year) featuring presentations by Chicago area authors of recent nonfiction books across a wide range of topics. The informal remarks of the author are followed by live Q&A with our Zoom audience. All programs are open to the public by reservation each month.

We are in active planning for 2023 will be announcing our featured authors soon. 

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February 7, 2023 at 7 PM: Deborah Cohen, Last Call at the Hotel Imperial

Last Call at the Hotel Imperial is the extraordinary story of John Gunther, H. R. Knickerbocker, Vincent Sheean, and Dorothy Thompson. In those tumultuous years, they landed exclusive interviews with Hitler and Mussolini, Nehru and Gandhi, and helped shape what Americans knew about the world. Alongside these backstage glimpses into the halls of power, they left another equally incredible set of records. Living in the heady afterglow of Freud, they subjected themselves to frank, critical scrutiny and argued about love, war, sex, death, and everything in between.

Plunged into successive global crises, Gunther, Knickerbocker, Sheean, and Thompson could no longer separate themselves from the turmoil that surrounded them. To tell that story, they broke long-standing taboos. From their circle came not just the first modern account of illness in Gunther’s Death Be Not Proud—a memoir about his son’s death from cancer—but the first no-holds-barred chronicle of a marriage: Sheean’s Dorothy and Red, about Thompson’s fractious relationship with Sinclair Lewis.  The cost to register for this single event is $5. To register for this authors talk as a single event, please click here.

Deborah Cohen, the Richard W. Leopold Professor of History and Department Chair (2020-2023) at Northwestern University, is a historian of modern Britain and Europe. 

Her interests run the methodological gamut, from social science-inspired comparative history to biography.  Trained as a modern Europeanist (with specialties in Germany and Great Britain) she has recently published on Anglo-Argentines and the history of family capitalism and on American foreign correspondents.  Although her subjects have varied, a few thematic interests run through:  state and society, the public histories of private lives, and material culture.  

Past 2023 Programs:

January 3, 2023 at 7 PM: Jeff Deutsch, In Praise of Good Bookstores

At our inaugural Authors Showcase event of the year, Jeff Deutsch, the Director of the Seminary Co-Op Bookstores, will talk about his recent book, In Praise of Good Bookstores. 

Our ongoing program series for 2023 is in development. Additional programs will be announced soon.

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